Meteoria Digi-Journey
Meteoria Digi-Journey, a virtual guide based on UpCode Mobitour and telling about sites via your mobile phone, has been implemented at Meteoria Söderfjärden. By simply scanning the site codes, visitors receive information about the Tellus timeline and Big Bang as well as some interesting details and pictures of the machinery at Södersund windmill. In addition to improve service... 
Successful on site demonstration and real use of fully mobile TR-mittaus reporting tool (UpControl) on construction sites for state enforcement people on February 2017. 

Selected work


CUSTOMER: RJ-KUNTOILUSETELI OY Tyky-online CURRENT CHALLENGE: Tyky-Kuntoseteli is a tax...

SRV Rakennus

CUSTOMER: SRV RAKENNUS CURRENT CHALLENGE: Separate and often manual systems for people flow...


CUSTOMER: Stormossen - Waste Management company / Finland DESCRIPTION: Both individuals and...


CUSTOMER: VAMK CURRENT CHALLENGE: Fake or manipulated diplomas, certificates and documents are...
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