UpCode Ltd

UpCode is the driving force behind Bazaar innovationcenter

Building of Innocenter has started

The concept is that the whole of EGTC region (0,5 miljon people and 100.000 students) Vasa-Umeå should benefit from the project.
It will be The Place where digitalization (both automatization and disruptive functions) are implemented in workprocesses, transactions, logistics, adminsitrations, healthcare and education.
The Center is helping companies, individuals and start-ups to conquere the world both physically and mentally.

The idea is to create new professions, future jobs where digitization with AI (Artificial Intelligence) is at the center.

Radio Vega Österbotten:Radio interview in Swedish


Meteoria Digi-Journey

Meteoria Digi-Journey, a virtual guide based on UpCode Mobitour and telling about sites via your mobile phone, has been implemented at Meteoria Söderfjärden. By simply scanning the site codes, visitors receive information about the Tellus timeline and Big Bang as well as some interesting details and pictures of the machinery at Södersund windmill.

In addition to improve service in their own language to visitors visiting outside the opening hours, Mobitour also gathers vital statistics about popular visiting times and language of visitors to further help develop Meteoria as a tourist site.

Meteoria is a visiting centre, maintained by Sundom bygdeförening (voluntary association of the village of Sundom), located located just outside Vaasa in the middle of one of the most beautiful and best preserved meteorite craters. The area is also popular for its bird life.

Both YLE and Vasabladet made stories of the announcement of the service:



Successful on site demonstration and real use of fully mobile TR-mittaus reporting tool (UpControl) on construction sites for state enforcement people on February 2017.



Talking Tools educational mobile system (UpSkill) on test in schools in city of Vaasa 2017


Optical tags with sensor

In addition that each UpCode is unique, each UpCode has a sensor which reacts to different conditions.
Now every item canmonitor variables like temperature, huminidity, time or light. Andprovide valuable information to stakeholder.

These sensor values are transmitted to the UpCode platform
each time a UpCode is scanned, providing information about the
items current or past conditions.


TagItSmart Project Meeting, London

TagITSmart project has had a good start!
In Project Meeting 25-26.10. every project partner show their results. UpCode has been very active in this project!

Our case ”Digital Beer” demonsrates what possibilities companies will get utilizing Digital Product concept.

Project group


New Patent

Techniques for customizing mobile applications

Patent/Reg.No :126271
Country: Finland


UpCode at National Entrepreneur Days Event

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises arranged their main event for the year, the National Entrepreneur Days, in Vaasa during beginning of October. The event had a participation of 1300 entrepreneurs. UpCodes UpFair solution was used for participant identification and information gathering for exhibitors.
Pekka Karhunen and Pekka Liedes for UpCode explains the different options of the ID-solution.


Project JÄKÄLÄ

Perämeren Jätehuolto (a Finnish waste management company) has now started to use the new customer cards. The cards will simplify payments for 60 000 customers in the whole region, which consists of Kemi and Tornio cities and Keminmaa, Tervola and Ylitornio municipalities.

Starting 1.9.2016 customers use the cards with UpCode when transacting business with Perämeren Jätehuolto. UpCode has delivered and implemented a system for self services in POS with personal ID.


New team member on Upcode

Pekka Liedes, Operations Manager start 1.8. on Upcode team.
Pekka has extensive experience in the IT industry in various positions for over 20 years.


Kouvolan Vesi training day about UpTrack-system

UpCode held a successful training day for Kouvolan Vesi and customer is now ready to use new UpTrack-system.


TagItSmart project group meeting was held in Helsinki by VTT

H2020 funded project, TagItSmart, continued is work to bring IoT to reach of consumer by enabling consumer products to connect to IoT world. Project group meeting was held in VTT premises 25-26.5. Meeting focused on finalizing use cases that will be implemented during this three year project, discussed about best technical approaches and planned engagement for ecosystem building. UpCode’s digital beer is playing important role in TagItSmart, working as base use case and pilot product later. UpCode knowledge from creating business solutions and tag management are one of the driven forces in TagItSmart project


Kouvolan Vesi (Water and wastewater service provider for Kouvola area)

UpCode has made an agreement with Kouvolan Vesi for delivering a mobile information collection system.

Kouvolan Vesi wants to develop real time monitoring of work time and at the same time meet reporting requirements from the tax authority.

The solution is further complemented with a mobile driver’s logbook.



TagItSmart! - Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects.



Principally new mobile based item level control and logistic chain management including lifecycle management planned for first fieldtest during 2017 (UpTrack+UpControl+UpCheck)


UpStore Brand POS engagement system

UpStore Brand POS engagement system developed and tested in field 2016. The system is now ready for larger deployment.


Greetings from Mount Everest.

Our customer Lee Yaw On send greetings from Nepal, Mount Everest.

“They are many circuits offered in Nepal. It is best to engage a Nepal local tour agent to organise the trip.
The guide and his assistant are responsible to the point where they
watched the cooks to prepare our meals. They make sure we were served
fresh foods so that we would not get stomach upset / diarrhoea.
I can recommend our Nepal local agent : Mr Cheban Devkota at manaslutrek@hotmail.com
Porters and thick sleeping bags are part of the package.”

Lee Yaw On, Mount Everest, Nepal


Upcode participates in EU's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme

Consortium, where UpCode plays an important role, has been selected as one to receive funding from EU's Horizon 2020 ICT-30-2015

Consortium, which includes 15 companies/universities around the EU (University of Surrey, Fujitsu, Siemens, Durst and VTT,etc…) received almost 7 millions euros funding for the next three years. Competition was tight in ICT-30 call, as 150 consortiums applied but only 7 were selected.

With this funding consortium will develop smart, tags driven, service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects in project called TagItSmart. TagItSmart sets out to redefine the way we think of everyday mass-market objects not normally considered as part of an IoT ecosystem. These new smarter objects will dynamically change their status in response to a variety of factors and be seamlessly tracked during their lifecycle. This will change the way users-to-things interactions are viewed.

UpCode’s role in this consortium is to provide its knowledge from optical code, mobile applications and platform development into consortiums use.

Yhteenliittymä, jossa UpCodella on merkittävä rooli, valittiin saamaan EU Horizon 2020 rahoituksen ICT-30-2015

Yhteenlittymä, joka koostuu 15 yliopistosta/yrityksestä EU:n alueelta mm. Surreyn yliopisto, Fujitsu, Siemens, Durst ja VTT, valittiin 150 hakemuksen joukosta 7 rahoitusta saavaan joukkoon. Yhteensä yhteenliittymälle myönnettiin 7 miljoonan euron rahoitus seuraavalla kolmelle vuodelle.

Tämän rahoituksen turvin yhteenliittymä kehittää älykkään, koodeihin pohjautuvan, palvelualustan (TagItSmart) joka toimii ekosysteeminä älykkäille objekteille. TagItSmart tuo Internet of Things (IoT) –pohjaisen ajattelutavan massamarkkinoille, tuotteisiin joiden ei aikaisemmin ole ajateltu kuuluvan IoT-maailmaan. Nämä uudet älykkäämmät objektit muuttavat dynaamisesti tilaansa riippuen erilaisista ympäristötekijöistä kuin myös tuotteen elinkaarivaiheesta. TagItSmart muuttaa käsityksemme tuotteen käyttäjän välisestä vuorovaikutusta.

UpCoden rooli yhteenlittymässä on toimia kooditeknologia-, mobiliisovellus- ja järjestemäasiantuntijana.
More information about Horizon2020 and ICT-30-2015:


Post cards with UpCode



Välittämisen Koodi

Today the implementation of the "huolikoodi" system (code of caring) will start in the city of Seinäjoki. More information on the project website


Bock's corner Brewery

UpCode is being implemented at the new Bock's Corner Brewery. The codes are seen on bottles and offer interesting information for the wide audience. UpCode is also going to be used in the production for tracking and item level control.


Job as system developer at UpCode

The UpCode business is growing and we are therefore looking for an experienced system developer.

For succeeding in this job the person we are looking for should have:
- Suitable education
- Experience in planning
- Experience in Microsoft programming environments (server applications)

Following skills are beneficial:
- IIS, Microsoft Web Platform, .Net
- C#, C++
- WebServices, XML, CSS, XTML, JavaScript

The job includes planning and implementation of testing procedures (also system testing) and planning of databases as well as extensive SQL- programming.

We appreciate:
- Proof of needed skills
- Determination
- Project experience
- Server skills
- Language skills (Finnish,and/or Swedish or excellent English)

We offer a possibility to work in international projects, a varying job and an innovating work environment.

If you are looking for new challenges and a job where your achievements are immediately noticed, send your application right away to the address camilla.sellberg @ upcode.fi



Our customer Skaala Windows & Doors is expanding the usage of UpCode systems to also other countries.


Välittämisen koodi



Tools for work safety observations

The mobile solution for work safety observations on construction sites has been further developed. MVR-Mittari (ground and water construction sites) now also available.


System developer wanted

The UpCode business is growing and we are therefore looking for an experienced system developer.

For succeeding in this job the person we are looking for should have:
- Suitable education
- Experience in planning
- Experience in Microsoft programming environments (server applications)

Following skills are beneficial:
- IIS, Microsoft Web Platform, .Net
- C#, C++
- WebServices, XML, CSS, XTML, JavaScript

The job includes planning and implementation of testing procedures (also system testing) and planning of databases as well as extensive SQL- programming.

We appreciate:
- Proof of needed skills
- Determination
- Project experience
- Server skills
- Language skills (Finnish,and/or Swedish or excellent English)

We offer a possibility to work in international projects, a varying job and an innovating work environment.

If you are looking for new challenges and a job where your achievements are immediately noticed, send your application right away to the address camilla.sellberg @ upcode.fi




Työssä onnistuminen edellyttää
- Alan soveltavaa koulutusta
- Suunnittelukokemusta
- Kokemusta Microsoftin ohjelmointiympäristöstä (palvelinsovellukset)

Eduksi katsotaan osaaminen seuraavista tekniikoista:
- IIS, Microsoft Web Platform, .Net
- C#, C++
- WebServices, XML, CSS, XTML, JavaScript

Työkuvaan kuuluu testauksen suunnittelua ja toteutusta (myös järjestelmätestausta) sekä tietokantojen suunnittelua ja vaativaa SQL ohjelmointia.

- Näyttöä osaamisestasi
- Määrätietoisuutta
- Kokemusta projektinhallinnasta
- Palvelinosaamista
- Kielitaitoa (suomi tai ruotsi ja englanti)

Tarjoamme mahdollisuuden työskennellä kansainvälisissä projekteissa, vaihtelevaa työtä sekä innovatiivista työympäristöä.

Kaipaatko uusia haasteita ja työpaikkaa missä kädenjälkesi näkyy. Hae heti lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen camilla.sellberg(a)upcode.fi


Välittämisen koodi RoadShow 10.3.2015!

Välittämisen koodi RoadShow 10.3.2015!

The project Välittämisen koodi will be presented on March 10th at Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki. The new model for supporting youngsters will be presented. Different experts will talk about preventing social exlusion and about the power of cooperation. Future users will also be guided on how to start using the system.
More information can be found here


New Year

We were very busy at the end of 2014, we finalized and delivered solutions for many of our important customers. We are looking forwards to a successful year also 2015. Happy New Year!


työpaikkailmoitus: ICT- asiantuntija

Etsimme ICT- asiantuntijaa

Etsimämme henkilö tulee työskentelemään pääasiassa UpCode tiimissä palvelimien ja tietoliikenteen parissa sekä helpdesk tehtävissä, mutta vastaa myös koko UPC Konsultoinnin sisäisen tietoliikenteen ja infrastruktuurin ylläpidosta. Työtehtäviin sisältyy mm.: virtuaalialustojen korkean käytettävyyden varmistaminen, järjestelmien ylläpito ja hallinta, ongelmien selvittely sekä palvelujen kehittäminen.

Toivomme kokemusta seuraavista tehtävistä:
- Kokemusta Windows työasemien ja Windows palvelinten ylläpidosta
- Lähiverkon ylläpitotehtävät
- Virtuaalipalvelinten asennus ja konfigurointi
- Tietokantojen asennus ja konfigurointi
- Erilaiset ylläpitoa tukevat monitorointi ja käytönvalvonnan ratkaisut
- Kokemusta Helpdesk työstä

- Alan koulutusta
- Näyttöä osaamisestasi
- Määrätietoisuutta
- Kokemusta projektinhallinnasta
- Suomen, Ruotsin ja Englannin kielen taitoa.


Lähetä vapaa hakemuksesi osoitteeseen camilla.sellberg @ upcode.fi


Reporting of construction work/ tiedonantovelvollisuus

UpCode is constantly developing the system for reporting of construction work. The system can be used for reporting directly to tax authorities according to the Finnish requirements. It is an efficient time saving system regardless if your main business is constructing or if you just occasionally build or undertake maintenance work that should be reported. We can now offer the system for both reporting workers and contract sums.


Välittämisen Koodi

The website for the projekt Välittämisen koodi has been published. www.välittämisenkoodi.fi. The system that is developed will support different authorites and the third sector in supporting children and young people. It will help in the preventing work against social exclusion.


KNOW HOW exhibition November 19th-20th

The project Välittämisen Koodi is presented at the Know How exhibition in Vaasa (Bothnia arenas) November 19th-20th.


UpCode at the AIPIA Congress in Chicago November 2nd-3rd

UpCode´s International Operations Manager Joakim Strand will be speaking at the congress "Profiting from active & intelligent packaging" November 2nd in Chicago. http://www.aip-worldcongress.org/congress-program.php


UpCode for construction business

UpCode has been implementing solutions for the construction business over the years and has today an entire product family optimized for construction business. It includes mobile security measurement (TR/MVR mittaus), mobile work time and process reporting as well as a solution that gathers and sends information directly to the Finnish tax authorities. UpCode customers within the construction business are SRV Yhtiöt Oyj, Skaala Oy and Vaasan Vesi.


UpCode joins partner program

UpCode joins the partnership program of Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. Tilaajavastuu.fi


Career at UpCode


Haemme täydennystä energiseen UpCode tiimiimme:

-Alan soveltavaa koulutusta
-Kokemusta Microsoftin ohjelmointiympäristöstä (palvelinsovellukset)
-IIS, Microsoft Web Platform, .Net osaamista
-C#, C++ osaamista
-Tietokanta kokemusta ja SQL osaamista
-WebServices, XML, CSS, XTML, JavaScript osaamista
-Ymmärrystä testauksen suunnittelusta ja toteutuksesta (myös järjestelmätestaus)
-Näyttöä osaamisestasi
-Kokemusta projektinhallinnasta
-Kielitaitoa (suomi/ruotsi/englanti)

Tarjoamme mahdollisuutta työskennellä kansainvälisissä projekteissa, vaihtelevaa työtä sekä innovatiivista työympäristöä.

Yhteystiedot Camilla Sellberg, +358503100080, camilla.sellberg(a)upcode.fi
Työpaikan osoite 65230 VAASA




UpCode is speaking at TYP 2014 (23-24.10), a seminar all about technology with many interesting speakers. www.teknologiayrittajyyspaivat.fi


New patent

UpCode got a new patent approved in Japan. Application number: 2011-520535


New Nordic Center seminar

On August 7th 2014 UPC Center held the 4th seminar at RITZ in Vaasa regarding the region´s development. Speakers were Sture Udd (UpCode CEO), Mauri Pekkarinen, Joakim Strand, Mia-Petra Kumpula Natri and many more. Watch video


UpCode on construction sites

UpCode offers optimized mobile tools for construction sites, including mobile saftey measurement (TR-Mittaus), work management and pass control.



+358 6 3218000


New media channel

UPC offers new media solutions, amongst other things we offer combining of media to products.


Vaasan Vesi

Vaasan Vesi (region water provider) has been using the UpCode people flow management system a couple of years and is now expanding their system to cover also everyday work on the field.



Our customer Skaala Ikkunat ja Ovet Oy is a forerunner in many ways and is now expanding the UpCode system within work force management.


Trade Register in Algeria

UpCode delivered a system used to avoid fake trade register certificates in Algeria. Yesterday the Minister of Commerce Amara Ben Younes confirmed that the system will be expanded June 15th to cover the entire nation. http://www.echoroukonline.com/ara/articles/207005.html



Again many new usage places for TYKY-online


South Africa delegation

UpCode was visited by a delegation that studied the possibilites of implementing eEducation and eHealth solutions in SouthAfrica.


Order for evaluation of information values

UPC received an order for evaluating the value of using information as a strategy in enhancement of GDP growth in the regions of Ostrobothina and Westerbothnia.


AutoID of location

UpCode offers new system for confirmation of code location. Contact us for more information.


Product ID and security applications

UpCode Ltd. partners with SICPA SA, University of Surrey, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Everything Ltd. and Universita degli Studi di padova in developing product identification and security applications including sensor functionality.


AutoReporting system

UpCode now offers an AutoReporting system for companies obliged by the Finnish information reporting requirement in the construction sector. It will be possible to gather the required information about the construction workers with the help of mobile technology, but it will also be possible to implement other solutions that will give the companies much added value.


Open environment

UpCode is part of the open environment ecosystem in millions of use cases in over 150 countries. It is completely free to use UpCode in that way. Using codes in advertisement and packaging has become very common around the world. For more advanced use there are professional UpCode tools available.


Presentation in Robertsfors

UpCode CEO Sture Udd gave a presentation in Roberstfors www.robertsfors.se


SRV case

Successful implementation by SRV. The system for mobile security management (mobiili TR-mittaus) is now used on many big construction sites in Finland. Case SRV



Several new service providers now accept tyky-online, http://www.tyky-kuntoseteli.fi



The project TalkingTools got the official trademark. UpCode's UpSkill products are used in the project with Abo Akademi University. TalkingTools


Interesting visitors

We have been honored by interesting visits during the last couple of days. Yesterday Minister for International Development Pekka Haavisto visited UPC Center, accompanied by also the Mayor of Vaasa Tomas Häyry. Last Friday Leo Suomaa Director- General from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health visited together with representatives from the Regional State Administrative Agency.


Press conference in Algeria

The Minister of Trade in Algeria approved a press conference regarding the new UpCoded trade register in Algeria on Sunday, March 16th.


African market

New negotiations in several African countries, specially regarding UpCare healthcare solutions.


Smart Region project

UPC Center involved in SmartRegion project including towns of Vaasa-Umeå. Next public presentation in Robertsfors 13.3


New Project

UpCode agrees to enter EU project to develop sensor technology


ID World Abu Dhabi

UpCode CEO Sture Udd is an invited speaker for Retail & Innovation at the global IDWorld Sustainability Summit in Abu Dhabi February 24-25th, 2014. He will also function as Chairman of the Resource Management Session and the Urban Security & Mobility session. The summit is endorsed by European Commission and Emirates Identity Authority and a part of the Future Cities program.



UpCode codes can now be found on the packaging of Snellman products. Via the code the user can check origin and get tips.


The new generation of information

UPC Center developed new printed information product and links to SuperMedia cardsolution. MegaCard is demonstrated and in function.


Delivery for a big multinational manufacturer of consumer goods

Delivery for a big multinational manufacturer of consumer goods

After an intense period of development UpCode delivered a large customized mobile application pilot. The solution is based on advanced optical scanning technology and UpCode plugin technology, it includes mobile payment, geographical location awareness, autoID, etc


UpCode is part of the business delegation visiting Ethiopia and Tanzania

UpCode's CEO Sture Udd is travelling to Africa in a business delegation lead by Prime Minister Katainen and Minister for International Development Haavisto. Government Communications Department press release.


System for trade register

UpCode got the honor to develop an authentication system for the national trade register in Alger. This week UpCode tech. is on site in Alger to demonstrate.


New project with LSSAVI and EPSHP

UpCode has together with the Regional State Administrative agency (LSSAVI) and the South Ostrobothnia Health care district (EPSHP) finished a project plan for developing a system (Välittämisen koodi) that helps different authorities notice youngsters in need of help.


Experienced programmers/system developers wanted to our headquarters in Vaasa

You are the person we are looking for if:

  • You are capable and willing to constantly develop yourself and learn new things.
  • You are interested in mobile technology and server solutions.
  • You have at least 1 years experience in system development (programming).
Experience and know-how in the following is beneficial: asp.net, c#, Sql, xml, IIS,

We require appropriate technical education and good oral and written skills in English and Swedish or
Finnish. We are looking for good team workers with ability to take responsibility and also work independently.
We offer a changing work environment, interesting and value creating projects in a young and creative team.

Apply latest January 31st 2014

Contact: kristoffer.jansson @ upcode.fi, +358 503 100 079


Stormossen project

Stormossen (a Finnish waste management company) has now officially started to use the new customer cards. Almost 60 000 cards have been delivered to households and companies in the region. Starting 1.1.2014 customers use the cards with UpCode instead of cash/other payment methods when transacting business with Stormossen. UpCode has delivered and implemented a system for self services in POS with personal ID. UPC Center has developed the concept and delivered the IT solution as well as produced the actual product. www.stormossen.fi

If you are interested in finding out more about this type of solutions, please contact Key Account Manager:

Pekka Karhunen
pekka.karhunen @ upcode.fi
tel: +358505772372


Article about UpCode

Article about UpCode was published in the Finnish magazine Teknologia, talous ja työelämä. Click to see the article.


Interview with Sture Udd at IDWorld

IDWorld America Summit in Rio 2013 TV


New partnership

UpCode & IBM partners in the Apotti-program


Smart City Award

UpCode was awarded for Smart City concept at Electronica 2013. Click here to read a news article in Swedish.


System for trade register

UpCode got the honor to develop an authentication system for the national trade register in Alger.


Oy Snellman Ab

The meat producer SNELLMAN & UpCode start to develop the next generation of intelligent packaging.


HUMAK & UpCode

HUMAK UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES starts authenticating diplomas using UpCode technology


City of Seinäjoki

- 10.9 UpCode & GRANLUND delivers reporting system for the City of Seinäjoki


Stormossen & UpCode

STORMOSSEN OY - UpWire consumer payment system --> http://www.stormossen.fi



SRV RAKENNUS extends the use of the UpControl - reporting system



The CITY OF VAASA extens the UpCare - system


Interview with Sture Udd at IDworld

Click here to see the interview.


IDworld congress

UpCode CEO Mr. Sture Udd chairs healthcare innovation group at Abu Dhabi IDworld congress.


Varte Oy

Varte Oy uses UpCodes in their marketing for apartments.



Upcode sensor technology advanced to stage of practical implementation.



Skaala - a leading company in its field in the Nordic countries - heading for the first full mobile integrated system incorporating all functions in the company: 3 out of 9 partsystem under implementation.


earlier news

Earlier news archive can be found on http://www.upc.fi/en/upcode/news/


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