Smart Expertise & Methods

Planning & Implementation

UpCode Ltd. system delivery consists of:

  1. Tag Management (offline/online, sizes, functions, 2D, Nfc, Rfid, sensors, etc. including specification, production and physical implementation)
  2. Reader Management (mobile devices, computers, UCC/Standard/Plug-in, platforms, updates & upgrades, sensors)
  3. Control Management (Auto-ID in different levels, session control)
  4. Content Management (database, mobile SW (content or database), content design, interface to subsystems / databases, Auto Report)
  5. Chain management (properties for usage in operations before or after)
  6. Analytics (presentation of traffic & activities, business intelligence of functionalities, ERP)
  7. Hardware (mobiles, cameras, support servers etc.) for the system
  8. Traffic Management (messaging, web, standalone etc.)
  9. Pre Study (system planning & specification)
  10. Project Management (implementation & administration)
  11. Global Help Desk & SLA
  12. Training & consulting
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