UpTrack, Traceability

With the UpTrack-system your organization will save 20% more time compared to what your organization would save with a system where you manually type in information. This will give you databases that are free from human mistakes, fake or non-serious information. The quality of work can be improved when integrating warehousing, anti-theft and multi level reporting in one system.

UpCode has a long experience in utilization of 2 dimensional codes, especially the data matrix. We offer our know how in TAG MANAGEMENT (choosing the right type of code, determining the needed data and marking procedure), CHAIN MANAGEMENT and CONTENT MANAGEMENT by taking into account current and future needs of the interest groups. We can offer solutions for:

Asset management

  • Anti-theft
  • Warehouse control
  • Physical objects
  • Immaterial objects
  • Localization of assets
  • Interfaces possible


  • Version control
  • Information levels
  • Reports by voice, picture and text
  • Alert functions
  • Secrecy
  • Localization of people
  • Route functions


  • Traceability from end to end
  • Globally working
  • Centrally or locally controlled
  • usability by any player in the chain
  • Possible to Integrate with existing systems
  • Customer service


  • Optical scanning
  • Image storage
  • Printed or electronic ID card
  • Work time reporting
  • Multiple user groups
  • Automatic work reports
  • Customizable functions
  • Interfaces possible


  • Food and chain supervision
  • Pressure indication
  • Air / Contamination
  • PH-value
  • Remote health monitoring
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