UpTour, Tourism

UpTour increases the service level substantially, saves time and costs for consumers and administrators. At the same time new efficient marketing solutions and service products create revenues.


  • Code marking of objects
  • Integrated tours
  • Business inclusive
  • Real-time info
  • Online solution
  • Find solution
  • Language optimization


  • Offline solution
  • UDU local downloading
  • New business concept
  • Area or target solution

Finding services

  • Find solution for ex. hotel rooms
  • Business inclusive
  • Real time info
  • Localization
  • Key solution and electronic locks

City card

  • Maps, info and schedules
  • Tickets for transport
  • Tickets for entrance
  • Loyalty and bonuses
  • Card as key

Tickets / Transport

  • Actual timetable / delay info
  • Language recognition
  • Help for visually impaired
  • Parking
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