UpControl, Workforce Management

Flexible mobile control and monitoring system to be used for any type of moving work force. High level of accuracy of report and matching information. Cost-efficient implementation and usage of standard equipment. Integration of multifunctional approach, with different information automatically for different user groups. Support for business, government and consumer interests. Reports with text, images, video and sound. Also offline functionality inbuilt.

There are many ready solutions, for an example construction site safety measurement and presence reports to Finnish tax authorities.

Possible features:

Automated reporting

  • Error free report
  • Accurate & real data
  • Progress and installation reports
  • Complete and automatic
  • Localization
  • Invoice matching

Alert functions / Interaction

  • Feedback system
  • Warnings
  • Operative changeable
  • Maps / Instructions
  • Mobile data storage

User / Individual characteristics

  • Localization
  • Mobile dependent
  • Time dependent
  • Voice dependent
  • Scan dependent

Session control

  • Active control
  • Multiple sessions
  • Multiple channels
  • Activations of functions
  • Deactivation
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