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UpCode develops new pedagogical tools and processes for learning. The goal is to increase the interest level in difficult topics and subjects by 50% and decrease the learning time / time for ability by 50% (typically languages).

The solutions are space and time independent, working both on-line and off-line. One example is the TalkingTools solution that has been developed together withpedagogicprofessionals, during many years. It offers a social learning environment that is used with mobile devices. For an example it is possible for students to document and share their work. Find out more by contacting: info @

UpSkill in general:


  • Audio / Visual book
  • Study 24/7 - any time
  • Updated teaching aids
  • Individualization of teaching aid
  • Games & Fun & Function


  • Focus on use of skills
  • Training in real conditions
  • Teacher tool and helper
  • Micro payments / Fee collector
  • New content - Education 365
  • Remote action and function


  • Integration of subjects and topics
  • Audio-video performance
  • Group contests
  • Mobile entanglement on the go
  • Mobile books and contents
  • Content in the cloud


  • Content admin. for the teacher
  • Pupil admin. and installer for the pupils
  • iReader with data connection
  • iReader with community function
  • iReader with localization
  • iReader with off-line functions


  • Virtual check of level of ability
  • Virtual control of activity
  • Time controller of performance
  • Authentication of diplomas and books
  • Supervision of teaching
  • Anti-theft of assets and rights
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