UpCard, iCards

Substantial reduction of costs for cards. Substantial amount of new revenues and businesses. Additional functions and renewable online. The UpCode information system creates security far above classical Rfid. Intelligent cards are key elements in organizations striving for excellence and real time economy.
Sample video of access control

ID cards

  • Global ID-system and recognition
  • Security and control of any document
  • Public and internal functions
  • Integration of different authority functions
  • With or without NFC integration

Credit- / Bank cards

  • Macro payments on the go
  • Loyalty functions inbuilt
  • Online and offline function
  • CRM
  • With or without PIN
  • With of without NFC

Loyalty cards

  • Micro payments
  • Instant loyalty function
  • Global discount function
  • Localized function
  • Transferable
  • New business solutions

City cards

  • Micro payments
  • Updateable functionality
  • Bonus and activity points
  • City info
  • Rechargeable on the go
  • New business solution

Key and ticket cards

  • Hotel keys with alert functions
  • Virtual key in the mobile
  • Cards with info / emergency functions
  • Anti-theft solution, kill function
  • Renewable
  • Updatable information access
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