UpCode Ltd


UpCode is part of UPC Center, with headquarters in VAASA, Finland. We offer innovative end to end solutions based on AutoID of items, people, documents, places, processes etc. We are experts in mobile technology and usage of optical smart scanning of barcodes.

UpCode technologies cover the fields of transactions/payments, auto reporting, workforce management, logistics/item level control, healthcare, education, marketing, tourism, anti-fake, ID and authentication. The system eliminates unnecessary work tasks and essentially frees up resources. UpCode is today worldwide recognized for autoID and autoReport systems.

We use in-house developed software and provide device independent, operator independent and server independent solutions. In-house expertise and development also cover the image recognition software for all mobile platforms. We offer both stand-alone and integrated solutions.

The UpCode systems can be used to create a real time economy where business transactions and information processing can take place digitally in real time.

All projects undertaken at UpCode Ltd. are constantly evaluated from an ethical and data / privacy protection point of view. We have also developed an internal and self-regulative Code of Ethics. As part of this we also have decades of experience from focusing on environmental issues, green technology and social responsibility.
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